Wedding Photography Poses: The Do’s And Don’ts

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Weddings are always incomplete without the amazing clicks that help you capture each and every moment of your special day, and treasure it for years to come.

However, to make sure that the memories are worth treasuring, it is important that you get your wedding photos perfectly right. And to make a click perfect, there are many aspects that need to be given attention – right from your attire, lighting, to your pose.

Here we bring to you the major do’s and don’ts that you should take care of to get the perfect wedding photographs. Let’s begin with the do’s first:

Wedding Photography Pose Do’s

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Practice different poses

You never know which pose will look perfect on you. This is why it is important that you practice different poses, and take help from your photographer. Both you and your partner must practice those poses, so that the final click stands out flawless.

Complement your partner’s look and poses

The wedding photos will have focus on both you and your partner, and this is why it is important that you strike the perfect balance and harmony with one another. Whether it is your apparel, or your pose, make sure that it matches with that of your partner.

Look presentable

You should look polished and presentable on your D-day. When you look good, the photos will always come up good. Focus on your dress, makeup and the color combination, everything has to be ideal. To get things right, you can always go for mock photo sessions, and arrange some dress rehearsals to make sure that the color is looking good on camera, and the outcome is what you had desired for. It is a must do thing for both bride and groom.

Focus on timing

Timing plays a crucial role in your photos, and those who can master the art of timing can get everything faultless. Your timing must match with your photographer so that he gets to click you in your best pose. Right from exchange of rings, cake cutting, to adorning one another with garlands, there will be many priceless moments during the entire ceremony. To get all these captured, timing is actually very important. And the best way to do this is by discussing everything with your camera man for the day, and seeking expert tips. He is surely the best person to guide you about the ideal poses.

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Invest in professional equipment

Photography is more of an art, and to ace in the same, you should have a professional behind the lens. Not only this, the equipment should also be of high quality so that the result is always good. There will be many moments that need to be taken from close angle, like the ring exchange ceremony; and to get close-ups perfectly, professional experience is a must. So, look for experienced photographer only.

Wedding Photography Don’ts

DON’T distract from the ceremony

There are so any things that keep happening around you, and this apparently can make you lose focus and get distracted from the main event. But distraction can have a poor impact on your photos. So, it is advisable that you keep up with your focus and don’t pay attention to the things happening around you. Focus on the main event rather than people and things around.

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DON’T experiment too much

You will have many people walking up to you with their set of expert advices. You will be asked to try out different poses and style. However, before experimenting with anyone of them, ensure if they suit you. Don’t fall for any pose or style without really knowing if you can pull it through with ease. Too much of experiment can kill your look, and mar the photographs.

DON’T be stressed out

Your face reflects your inner feelings, and no matter how much try and pretend; the face tell what’s lying within. It is very important to maintain your calm when you are being clicked all through the day. Take it easy and don’t be stressed out, as it will spoil your photo eventually. Let the professional do his job while you be at your comfortable best.

You can easily get the kind of photos you like only if you pay a little attention, and take care of these tips.

The Most Popular Wedding Themes

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Weddings hold a special place in everyone’s life, and people try their best to make their wedding day the most memorable event. And when it is about making things last long in your memories, they need to be special and simply unique.

This is where the theme based weddings come up as the best option. Be in the west, or other countries across the globe, theme based weddings have gained immense popularity. Over the past few years, theme based weddings have gained immense popularity. Couples are extremely gung-ho over the vast range of themes, and many don’t even shy from experimenting with distinct wedding themes.

Surprisingly, not all theme weddings need to be expensive or larger than life. You can have a theme wedding as per your budget, provided you pick the right theme and plan things in a structured manner.

From fairy-tale weddings to beach theme-inspired ones, here is a list of some of the hottest and most happening wedding themes.

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Vintage Wedding Theme

Those who are inspired by the vintage era love this particular theme type for their wedding. The wedding décor is fully inspired by the elegance of the bygone era. Laces, sequins make the inevitable part of every décor. Even the brides and grooms prefer going for the lace and sequins based wedding attire. The decorations call for atypically -shaped chandeliers that are hung from the overhead grille, and the billowy fabric is used to make an unreal canopy. Chairs are mostly made out of wood, mixed with covered floral inspired fabric. You can incorporate the theme into the food too by arranging for vintage bottles for serving beverages, and uniquely designed serving plates.

Rustic Wedding Theme

Another wedding theme that has been ruling the charts is the rustic theme. The best thing about this theme is that it complements any wedding type, whether being held in a garden, realm or even a vineyard for that matter. It involves natural landscape, where wood is used in numerous ways and includes pieces that appear like they could be present in your home or garden. The wedding aisle can be made of reclaimed wood with freshly plucked flowers. Garlands for the couples are derived from fresh garden flowers, which add to the natural appeal of the wedding theme.

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This theme wedding is for those who swear by the casual stuff. If you like to have things more casual, the bohemian wedding theme is the perfect one for you.  It is an amazing theme where you have no pressure of doing any fancy stuff. Even the guests have the freedom of arriving in casual attires; there is no over the top decoration or lavishness. It is simple yet highly appealing because things are at their coolest best. You can team up a bohemian theme wedding with some flowers, tassels and some peppy music to set the mood going.

Floral Inspiration

Flowers have long been an essential part of weddings. It comes as no surprise that people are opting flowers as the theme for the wedding. They choose either one single flower or a color of it or pick a blend of various types. The entire venue is decked up in the shades and shapes of flowers. The seats, tables, and other decors are decorated florally. Some people even choose to go for expensive flowers such as the orchids.

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Fairytale Wedding

Another popular theme is the fairytale wedding where the bride and groom seek for an exceptional yet modern wedding theme where they get to relive their childhood memories. The best thing about these fairytale wedding themes is that each and everything that makes part of the decor, along with bridal apparel, incorporates striking color combinations and designs. Even the bridesmaids get to dress up as diverse fairies from exquisite fairy tales one grew up.

DIY & Eco-friendly

This happens to be the latest addition regarding wedding themes. Nowadays, people love organizing the DIY weddings which stand to be very pastoral in nature, and pretty eco-friendly. With the DIY and eco-friendly wedding themes, people get the chance to invest in reusable as well as eco-friendly items. It has become the perfect way of showing how one can implement eco-friendliness in daily life.

All of these wedding themes are unique, and have been winning hearts since long!

Choosing the Perfect Photographer

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Tips to choose the perfect photographer for your wedding:

A veteran shutterbug knows how to seize sensational snapshots of the soul mates from various nooks and facades that gives a splendid look to them while clicking. Hence, it’s forever relevant to choose the best  professional shutterbugs for the big day like the nuptial rite and seize all the ecstatic moments in the frame for future recollection.

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Here are a few tips with which you will be able to find the expert espousal shutterbugs for the  event. The tips are as follows:

  1. Proper searching proceedings:

One should appoint the espousal shutterbugs having immense knowledge  in this domain and who has also served previous consumers successfully. Make a list of the top-rated wedding photographers available in your city and check out their portfolios of prior photography services wisely. Also, you should check for finding their online websites and explore its design, services, feedback from clients, and other necessary details on it. Make a comparison of all the services of all the photography experts and select the best one as per your requirement and budget wisely.

  1. One versus one interaction with the cameraperson:

After the selection of the best professional for your big day service, you need to conduct a one versus one interaction session with him to discuss the further process with him. You should verify all the details have seen on the website and the portfolio of their photography services given to the previous clients. Be clear in your questions and answers being delivered by the photographer. Match the truth smartly and discuss the further engagement with him. Also, talk about the prices or charges for each shooting session in the wedding process from beginning to end. Discuss all the things in advance and finalize the things in a better way with the photographer.

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  1. Analyze the previous work of the shutterbug:

It is the wedding portfolio that will allow you to know about the level of expertise that a shutterbug possesses. By making this effort, you will come to know about his best wedding photography shooting styles in day and night both times. Also, you will come to know the finest hands of capturing pictures of the couples, guests, espousal programs or events, and other processes to be carried out during the wedding functions. Thus, you will get a fair idea about photo shooting skills of the photographer by exploring its previous wedding photos or album easily.

  1. Giving emphasis to the cameraperson’s opinion:

Keep a sharp eye on the styles, poses and ideas have been implemented while shooting the photos of wedding couples on different occasions by the wedding photographer. You should give preference to the styles and poses suggested by the photographer to capture photos of soul mates at various stages of the wedding procession. These facts are important to know for the couples that how smart photographer is in his work and can capture stunning, romantic and elegant photos of them in different poses. All you can check during the review of the photographer’s portfolio of previous wedding functions. 

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  1. Checking the condition of the polaroid and the material used to make the memory book:

It is also important to know that what kind of camera is being used by him for wedding photography. Ask him the quality of photo roles and their brands, quality of lenses being used, and fineness of the camera to capture candid photos of the couple in different styles and poses. Apart from that, you should ask about the quality of a photo album and its printing paper or material used for photo printing. Check for the collection of all paper materials and select the best one for your wedding album wisely.

  1. Last but not the least, budget of the entire service:

The budget of the service provided by the shutterbug is also a crucial factor once you are done with checking the albums, photos, camera, website, and other necessary details of the espousal shutterbug. It would be better to tell about your budget to him in advance. So, it can help him to suggest the best services of photo shooting on different occasions under your budget. Also, try to make right negotiation with him to deliver cost-effective services in the limited budget.

Thus, overhead are few legitimate proceedings, one should chase while going to make a choice of the espousal shutterbugs for nuptial rites.